BioFlo Ports with Endexo Technology

Proven to Minimize Thrombus Accumulation1

The BioFlo* Port is the first implantable port with Endexo* Technology, providing a catheter material more resistant to the accumulation of blood components (platelets and thrombus).1

Make protection part of the mix.

Endexo Technology is a permanent and non-eluting polymer that is “blended” into the polyurethane from which the catheter is made. It is present throughout the catheter including the extraluminal, intraluminal and cut catheter surface of the tip. Endexo Technology remains present for the life of the catheter and provides a catheter material more resistant to thrombus accumulation.1

Additional Features:
  • CT-rated up to 5mL/sec and 300 psi and MRI-conditional—3 Tesla.
  • Radiopaque under fluoroscopy
  • Flexible, kink-resistant catheter material
  • 1/2” septum diameter for ease of port access

Available with PASV Valve Technology, designed to resist backflow, maintain long-term patency, and provide a saline-only flushing option.

Easily Identify Critical Information
  • Radiopaque “CT” lettering confirms if port is power injectable or flipped
  • Patient reminder band, ID card, key tag and record sticker provide added verification that the port is power injectable

1The reduction in thrombus accumulation was evaluated using in-vitro and in-vivo models. Pre-clinical in-vitro and in-vivo evaluations do not necessarily predict clinical performance with respect to thrombus formation.
2Based on benchtop test results which may not be indicative of clinical results. Data on file.
3Carlo JT, Lamont JP, McCarty TM, Livingston S, Kuhn JA. A Prospective Randomized Trial Demonstrating Valved Implantable Ports Have Fewer Complications and Lower Overall Cost than Non-valved Implantable Ports. Am J Surg 2004;188:722-727. (Clnical data based on Vaxcel with PASV port.)
4Failure to achieve blood draw: non-valved=$480, valved=$303; $177 net savings per port. General maintenance costs: non-valved=$195, valved=$109; $86 net savings per port. Cost information based on data from 2004.

Important Risk Information

INTENDED USE/INDICATIONS FOR USE: The BioFlo Port is indicated for patient therapies requiring repeated access to the vascular system. The port system can be used for infusion of medications, IV fl uids, parenteral nutrition solutions, blood products and for the withdrawal of blood samples.  When used with a power injectable needle, the BioFlo Port is indicated for power injection of contrast media. For power injection of contrast media, the maximum recommended infusion rate is 5 mL/sec with a 19 G or 20 G non-coring power injectable needle or 2 mL/sec with a 22 G non-coring power injectable needle. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Inadequate body tissue to support device, bacteraemia, sepsis, known or suspected allergic response to materials, severe chronic obstructive lung disease exists, past irradiation of prospective insertion site, previous episodes of venous thrombosis or vascular surgical procedures at the postoperative placement site, local tissue factors will prevent proper device stabilization and/or access. Refer to package insert provided with the product for complete Instructions for Use, Contraindications, Possible Complications, Warnings and Precautions prior to using this product. CAUTION: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device for sale by or on the order of a physician.

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