Celerity PICC Tip Confirmation System

Using a patient’s electrocardiographic (ECG) waveform for device positioning is not new. Neither are overcomplicated ways of delivering that capability to a clinician. With all of the challenges posed to a vascular access specialist during a procedure, obtaining and interpreting ECG waveforms shouldn’t be one. Achieve catheter placements using the Celerity PICC Tip Confirmation System, indicated for use as an alternative method to chest x-ray or fluoroscopy confirmation of PICC tip placements in adult patients.
INS Standards of Practice 2011: 35.8 “Tip location of CVAD shall be determined radiographically or by other approved technologies prior to initiation of infusion therapy.”

Celerity Components

User Friendly Upon turning the unit on, a screen prompts you for a patient I.D. to begin a new procedure or enter the settings menu to retrieve archived patient files.

Transition Between Surface and IV-ECG Waveforms Use Celerity’s touchscreen before the procedure, or tethered remote during, to switch between surface and IV-ECG readings.

Capture and Compare Multiple Snapshots Confirming a change in the P-wave includes the ability to compare up to three snapshots at a time against your baseline reading and live ECG waveform.

Correlate Catheter Depth with P-wave Activity Celerity automatically prompts you after every accepted snapshot to add the catheter depth and then records and displays it with each snapshot to aid in determining optimal PICC position.

Store Them All, but Print Only What’s Necessary Reduce printing waste by previewing on-screen and print only what is desired.

Important Risk Information

Refer to instructions provided with product for all contraindications, warnings and potential complications.

: The Celerity PICC Tip Confirmation System is indicated for use as an alternative method to chest x-ray or fluoroscopy confirmation of PICC tip placements in adult patients. It provides real-time catheter tip location information by using the patient's cardiac electrical activity.

NOTE: Limiting, but not contraindicated, situations for this technique are patients where cardiac rhythms may change presentation of the P-Wave:
• Atrial fibrillation
• Atrial flutter
• Severe tachycardia
• Pacemaker-driven rhythm
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Such patients are easily identified prior to PICC insertion. Use of an additional confirmation method is necessary to confirm catheter tip location.

Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Celerity is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Medical Components, Inc.

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