DuraMax® Chronic HemoDialysis Catheter

Optimal Ease of Insertion

Introducing the next generation DuraMax® Chronic Dialysis Catheter. Engineered for Excellence™, the DuraMax catheter provides optimal ease of insertion coupled with high flow – high performance.

  • Angled venous tip and unique, proprietary guidewire lumen positions guidewire in the center of the leading edge of distal tip and provides superior over the wire performance and improved ease of insertion.
  • SafeSheath D-Pro® double seal peel-away sheath provides safety and security of hemostatic access and greatly reduces the risk of air embolism.
  • Curved tip catheter technology reduces vein wall apposition and risk of arterial insufficiency. 3 cm tip stagger reduces recirculation rates.
  • 15.5 F DuraMax catheter facilitates high flow rates at modest arterial pressures. Proprietary lumen design provides improved kink resistance and flexibility in challenging tunnel locations.
  • Durathane® catheter material affords strength, softness, and resistance to a wide range of commonly used site care agents.
  • Rotating suture wings ensure patient comfort and flexibility to position catheter.
  • Robust polyester cuff material allows optimal tissue ingrowth and catheter securement.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Luers combine toughness, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.

DuraMax® VP VascPak™ Catheter Kit

The DuraMax VascPak Catheter Kit configuration for vascular access centers is also available. Please
contact AngioDynamics or your sales representative
for more information.

Risk Information:

INDICATIONS FOR USE: The DuraMax Hemodialysis Catheter is indicated for use in attaining Long-Term vascular access for Hemodialysis and Apheresis. It may be inserted percutaneously and is primarily placed in the internal jugular vein of an adult patient. Alternate insertion sites include subclavian vein as required. Catheters greater than 40 cm are intended for femoral vein insertion. This catheter is indicated for > 30 days long term placement. The Valved Peelable Introducer is intended for use in the percutaneous insertion of catheters in the venous system. CONTRAINDICATIONS: The catheter is intended for Long-Term vascular access only and should not be used for any purpose other than indicated in these instructions. The valved peelable introducer sheath is not designed for use in the arterial system. WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: Please see package insert for complete list of warnings and precautions. POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS: Consult package insert for a complete list of potential complications. Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the instructions for use supplied with each device. Observe all instructions prior to use. Failure to do so may result in patient complications.

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