Morpheus® Smart PICC

Virchow’s Triad describes the three key factors that contribute to thrombosis: Hypercoagulability, Vascular Injury and Venous Stasis. The triad is a useful concept for clinicians and pathologists and was central in the development and design of the Morpheus Smart PICC; Premium Safety Kits and Components; Clinical Training and Education Program.

The Morpheus Smart PICC

Engineered for Life™

The Morpheus® SMART PICC provides clinicians with a comprehensive line of CT compatible PICC kits that offer True French size catheters with the shortest taper in the industry.

Best in Class Flow Rate
CT Rated and labeled for CT injection.

All-Carbothane® catheter
The chemically resistant all-Carbothane catheter offers proven drug compatibility.

Smart Taper™ Technology
The Smart Taper™ reverse taper technology is designed with the shortest taper in the industry.

Highly Visible Material
Superior product visibility, complete with radiopaque markings with centimeter spacing provide increased visibility, easier catheter placement and tip confirmation.

True French Sizing

True French size catheter means less catheter in the patient.

Morpheus® Smart PICC Premium Bedside Insertion Kit

The new premium insertion kit is designed by clinicians for clinicians.  The upgraded kit includes premium safety components and upgraded Maximal Barrier compliance. AngioDynamics kits are available with nitinol wire, stainless steel wire and stylet options.

Upgraded kit components include:
  • 40 ml of Saline and New Safety Cover for Easy Vial Break
  • Safety Sharps Container
  • New Layout for Increased Nursing Efficiency
  • 2 Chlorapreps – Tinted and Clear for Site Preparation
  • Premium Safety Scalpel and Needle
  • Extra Large Drape Made From Ultra Absorbent Material

Clinical Training & Education Program

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians
AngioDynamics offers a comprehensive clinical training and education program designed and delivered by skilled, professional clinicians with experience in the field.

Onsite Training
This extensive three-day program incorporates both didactic and hands-on training by AngioDynamics Clinical Specialists.

Day One: PICC Basics
  • When/Why of PICC placement
  • Early assessment
  • Anatomy and physiology review
  • Sterile procedure/ principles and practice
  • Insertion procedure
  • Care and maintenance of PICCs
  • Complication management
  • Legal issues

Day Two, Part 1: Ultrasound for PICC Placement

  • Understanding ultrasound
  • Probe management
  • Scanning the vascular anatomy
  • Identifying optimal insertion sites
  • Ultrasound guided needle insertion on an anatomical model
  • Wire threading with ultrasound

Day Two, Part 2: PICC Precepting

  • Day Three: PICC Precepting & Review
  • PICC precepting (cont.)
  • Content & technique review
  • Post-test

Custom Training

As part of AngioDynamics’ commitment to ensure clinician success, this program may be customized at no cost to address the specific needs/requests of individual hospitals and clinicians.
  • Online PICC and Ultrasound classes available
  • Self-study class
  • The above classes can be combined with on-site, hands-on training and/or precepting

Bedside Support

To ensure a strong start to new PICC inserters, Clinical Specialists provide intensive bedside precepting as part ofthe class.

Online Continuing Education
Online and other multi-media continuing education opportunities are also continuously available. CEs are available with all on-line education.

Extended Support
After initial training, Clinical Specialists are available for assistance by phone. They will also follow up on a regular basis to:
  • Assess skill level and offer further training
  • Educate on new techniques and the latest innovations
  • Answer/discuss any questions or issues
  • In addition, the AngioDynamics Clinical Team is available to offer recommendations regarding the following:
  • Best Practice
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Infection Control Management
  • Administrative assistance to establish Vascular Access Specialists (e.g., Full Time Equivalents) as needed.
  • Patient Identification
  • Early Assessment
  • Database Development

Clinical Hotline

Clinical Specialists are available to answer specific questions for clinicians.


Important Risk Information:

INDICATIONS FOR USE: The AngioDynamics Morpheus® SMART PICC CT is indicated for short or long term peripheral access to the central venous system for intravenous therapy, power injections of contrast media, and allows for central venous pressure monitoring. For blood sampling, infusion, or therapy use a 4 French or larger catheter. For central venous pressure monitoring, it is recommended that a catheter lumen of 20 gauge or larger be used. CONTRAINDICATIONS: This device is contraindicated whenever the patient has or is suspected of having: infection, bacteremia, or septicemia; allergic reactions to the device’s materials; insufficient body size to accommodate the size of the implanted device; past irradiation; previous episodes of venous thrombosis or vascular surgical procedures at the prospective placement site; local tissue factors will prevent proper device stabilization and/or access. WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: Please see package insert for complete list of warnings and precautions. POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS: Please see package insert for complete list of potential complications. Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the instructions for use supplied with each device. Observe all instructions prior to use. Failure to do so may result in patient complications. CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.