Mini Stick MAX

Coaxial Microintroducer Kit

Introducing the latest addition to the AngioDynamics family of peripheral vascular access kits. Designed with innovation in mind, the Mini Stick MAX 0.018” Coaxial Microintroducer Kits feature an enhanced range of components to meet your changing access needs.

  • 4 cm and 7 cm needle length options
  • Translucent hub enables visualization of flash back
  • Sheath size identifiers are color coded
  • Containment Clip designed to keep all components together in a sterile field
  • Three different configurations available: Stainless palladium, Nitinol tungsten and Stainless steel
  • 10 cm and 15 cm sheath dilator options


INDICATION FOR USE: The coaxial microintroducer kit is used for the percutaneous introduction of a guidewire into the vascular system. CONTRAINDICATIONS: None known. WARNINGS: Contents supplied STERILE using an ethylene oxide (EO) process. Do not use if sterile barrier is damaged. If damage is found, call your AngioDynamics representative. Inspect prior to use to verify that no damage has occurred in shipping. For single patient use only. Do not reuse, reprocess or resterilize. Reuse, reprocessing or resterilization may compromise the structural integrity of the device and/or lead to device failure which, in turn, may result in patient injury, illness or death. Reuse, reprocessing or resterilization may also create a risk of contamination of the device and/or cause patient infection or crossinfection, including, but not limited to, the transmission of infectious disease(s) from one patient to another. Contamination of the device may lead to injury, illness or death of the patient. After use, dispose of product and packaging in accordance with hospital, administrative and/ or local government policy. POTENTIAL ADVERSE EFFECTS: Air embolism, bleeding, guidewire shearing, fracture or embolization, hematoma, infection, infl ammation, necrosis or scarring, laceration or perforation of a vessel or viscus, pain in region, skin infection. CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Safe Sheath® Ultra Lite Sheath

Effortless Access for Port Insertion

  • The AngioDynamics Safe Sheath Ultra Lite valved, peel-away sheath enables effortless access for port insertion.
  • Decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism
  • Ergonomically designed, easy-splitting break away hub and positive locking connector

LifeGuard™ Safety Infusion Set

To prevent the occupational risk of blood-borne disease, OSHA passed the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. In response, AngioDynamics has provided the LifeGuard safety infusion set– a new standard in needle safety. It is designed to reduce the chance of needlestick injury due to rebound, transport and disposal. Designed for maximum control and protection, the LifeGuard safety infusion set  features a visual confirmation of safety, height adjustable wings and needle-less compatibility.

  • Safeguard against needle stick injuries
  • Enhanced for patient comfort
  • Designed for maximum control
  • Large grip handle for secure control
  • Minimum change to technique
  • Easy to use
  • Low-profile design

LifePort® Infusion Sets

Each LifePort lipid-compatible infusion set includes a 90 degree anti-coring needle, patented height-adjustable wings, one-handed clamp and easy-grip luer connector. AngioDynamics’ LifePort Infusion Sets are designed for use with all implantable ports. Designed for clinicians, LifePort Infusion Sets offer large grip wings for secure and maximum control.

  • Easy to grip, place and control
  • Easy to use with all implantable ports
  • Large grip handle for secure control
  • Lipid-compatible
  • Latex-free construction
  • Height-adjustable wings for improved needle support
    and to facilitate securing the device to the patient
  • Easy to secure

Micro-Introducer Kits

It All Starts Here.

Successful procedures begin with quality insertion components. Micro-introducer kits from AngioDynamics include the finest tools available for .018” guidewire placement during vascular procedures.

AngioDynamics micro-introducer kits are designed to meet the varying needs of physicians when it comes to micro access. A wide selection of configurations is available, allowing practitioners to build their kit to their exact specifications. Each kit includes one 21-gauge entry needle, one .018” guidewire and one 10 cm Micro-Introducer. Individual insertion components are also available.

For every kit a range of needles is available, including echogenic-tipped needles for higher visibility under ultrasound guidance. AngioDynamics has a wide range of guidewires to meet practitioners’ needs, including:

  • Stainless steel wire and tip;
  • Stainless steel wire with tungsten tip for increased radiopacity; and
  • Nitinol wire with tungsten tip for increased radiopacity plus high kink resistance

Additionally, AngioDynamics offers micro-introducers in 4F and 5F, with both sizes available in standard or stiffened options.

Micro Access Tearaway Introducers
and Components

AngioDynamics offers a wide selection of introducer sizes, wire lengths and materials so you can choose a kit that fits your needs. These components can be used with the Morpheus® CT PICC products. AngioDynamics introducer kits include: one introducer needle, one guidewire and one PTFE micro-access tearaway introducer.

  • Introducer – Choose from five Introducer sizes and two lengths. The tip is designed for ease of insertion and for a smooth transition. The PTFE sheath material provides a smooth peeling process.
  • Guidewire – The .018” wire tips are atraumatic, designed to deflect off the vessel wall to ensure successful access. Available in stainless and platinum tip options.
  • Introducer Needle – Designed for easy, less traumatic procedures.