Matt Connell, Business Analyst IT

Matt Connell

Business Analyst IT

AngioDynamics employees are among the Company’s greatest assets. Our Dynamic People spotlights the faces and impressive talent helping the organization meet its commitment to provide patients around the world with solutions that deliver high-quality care, wellness, and cures to live healthier, happier lives. Today, we’re highlighting Matt Connell, Business Analyst IT.

Q & A

How long have you been with AngioDynamics, and what do you do?

I’ve worked with AngioDynamics for almost ten years and I’m a Business Analyst with the IT Department. This role includes IT systems reporting, system process enhancements, and cross-departmental collaboration, as well as assisting with general IT projects for the company.

What do you find most challenging about your work?

The landscape of our work is constantly changing, challenging us to adjust our mindset to accomplish evolving goals. The relationships we are forming with our suppliers are shifting from transactional activities to strategic partnerships. Additionally, how we satisfy our customers as supply challenges arise or regulations shift, forces us to pivot how we manage our IT systems and processes differently. Translating these challenges into; “how do we manage this within our current processes”, and “what changes do we need to make”, to ensure all these variables in addition to maintaining manufacturing, purchasing, and planning activities, is certainly the most challenging aspect of the work.

What do you like most about your work?

Collaboration! I enjoy working closely with my IT department leaders and colleagues. I also engage with Purchasing, Planning, Regulatory, Clinical, Sales/Marketing, New Product Development, Distribution, Material Handling, and several other departments within my position. Having the opportunity to collaborate with multiple departments and watching it all neatly tie into one is incredible. My favorite part of the job is working with these cross-functional teams to help understand how I can help make the puzzle pieces fit together where I can and solve company issues through dedicated teamwork.

What drew you to AngioDynamics originally?

I had just finished my first day on the job at Six Flags Great Escape as a maintenance technician and went out to O’Toole’s restaurant that night for dinner. Unknowingly, I sat next to an AngioDynamics HR Manager, telling her I had applied to the company, knowing little about it. She talked me through the Navilyst Medical acquisition and how the company was growing and said she would follow up on my application. Eager to ace my interview, I devoted myself to learning all I could about AngioDynamics. Not long after my conversation with the HR manager, I received a phone call about my application, nailed my interview, and was offered a position with AngioDynamics!

What has been your proudest moment at AngioDynamics?

There are multiple projects I am proud of, but one that sticks out is when I provided support to assist in completing a rather sizable order of PICC catheters. When opportunities like this arise, it is challenging to be able to model our constraints, internally and externally, and provide a concrete answer to leaders. Using various system tools, and internal and external partners, I was given the opportunity to assist with the modeling of demand. I was able to review multiple iterations of the plans, and ultimately land on an agreeable plan that came to fruition. Given the challenge, the visibility, and the successful execution, this was an extremely fulfilling project.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Nearing ten years at AngioDynamics, I am eager to learn more and grow into an inspirational leader within the company. My first position as a Distribution Material Handler helped me to understand the business at its base, as well as helped advance my career at AngioDynamics. As technology continues to evolve, and the way business systems interact, I’m excited to see what role I can play. I want to continue to support AngioDynamics’ future innovation in technology and patient care.

Matt Connell dressed as rock star

One of Matt ’s favorite sayings:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

— Ferris Bueller

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