Providing Even More Durability and Site Care Options. Luminal Design Allows for High Flow.

Count on the 14.5 French EVENMORE catheter from AngioDynamics to deliver even greater performance and the care your patient deserves. Engineered for durability, it combines all the attributes that are basic to the very best dialysis treatment and patient care.

The 14.5 French EVENMORE catheter is the way to optimize blood flow and minimize venous back pressure. The low profile lumen to wall ratio in our dual lumen catheter is the key to enhanced flow. The round catheter shaft permits easier insertion and less patient discomfort.

The EVENMORE catheter is made of Durathane® – an advanced composite that outperforms traditional silicone and polyurethane while offering the advantages of both. It’s exceptionally strong, biocompatible and resistant to alcohol and iodine, for easier care and site maintenance.


  • Easy-to-read printed priming volumes
  • Polyester cuff anchors catheter
  • Resistant Durathane material
  • Suture wing provides secure external anchoring
  • Ergonomic fittings

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