UniBlate™ RFA Electrode
UniBlate™ RFA Electrode

Linear Deployment

The UniBlate RFA electrode provides linear, scalable ablations from 1 to 3 cm in length and 1 to 2.5 cm in diameter.* The benefits of ablation scalability with the same electrode are lower product stocking costs and the ability to spare the most normal tissue possible.

The UniBlate electrode provides a very low profile for CT gantry compatibility. A built-in thermocouple provides full temperature feedback and RF power control, as well as a cool down cycle andtrack ablation capabilities.

Features & Benefits:

  • UniBlate exclusive linear deployment electrode feature allows user to "dial in"the desired length of active electrode
  • The most CT-gantry compatible electrode available with right angle cable connection
  • Built in cool down process after each ablation
  • Provides full track ablation capabilities
  • Eliminates the need to stock multiple electrodes for multiple ablation volumes
  • Fully compatible with the AngioDynamics 1500X RF Generator
  • Added safety near critical structures

Important Risk Information

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