RFA Accessories and Supplies

Thermo Pads

New temperature monitoring thermo pads help the physician monitor the temperature of the return pad site during the ablation process. AngioDynamics’ pads feature continuous temperature monitoring at the pad adhesion site through the incorporation of a thermocouple device located at the pad leading edge. The pads are designed to meet the needs of clinicians using AngioDynamics’ latest generation of high-power, infusion based radiofrequency electrodes. The thermocouple returns data automatically to the 1500X RF generator, monitoring pad temperature throughout the procedure, and shutting off power when unsafe pad temperatures are detected. Thermo pads will work with any existing 1500X System. 

Hard Tissue Introducers

The StarBurst Hard Tissue Access Systems make it possible to locate the target area prior to using a StarBurst RFA device. These sterile, single-patient introducers allow for precise placement of the AngioDynamics disposable electrosurgical device. The tip of the introducer is detectable with ultrasound, CT and fluoroscopy.

Important Risk Information

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