Model 1500X RF Generator
Model 1500X RF Generator

Now with smart card technology that facilitates upgrades without additional capital investments, the Model 1500X radiofrequency (RF) generator ensures predictable, controllable ablations, time after time.

The 1500X has three flexible serial ports and delivers 250 watts of power. It has multiple temperature displays and an intuitive panel design for the utmost simplicity. To ensure predictable, controllable ablations, the 1500X also provides automatic temperature control.

This RF generator is compatible with the latest StarBurst® and Habib® electrosurgical devices for ablation and soft tissue coagulation ranging from 1-7 cm.


  • New Habib mode
  • Remote foot pedal control
  • Automated ablation algorithm
  • Expanded memory capacity
  • Fully-automated generator recognizes
    which device is plugged in and will
    automatically load the proper protocol.

Important Risk Information

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