Vascular Access
Xcela Plus Ports
Xcela Plus Ports

Introducing Xcela Plus Ports with PASV Valve Technology, the first proximally valved CT-rated port that offers clinicians Saline-Only Maintenance, which may help to minimize complications associated with heparin use.

  • Available with PASV Valve Technology, designed to resist backflow, maintain patency and provides a saline-only flushing option*
  • CT rated up to 5mL/sec and 300 psi and is MRI-conditional-3 Tesla
  • Radiopaque under fluoroscopy
  • Flexible, kink-resistant catheter material
  • ½” septum diameter for ease of port access
  • Multiple options designed to accommodate patient anatomy and clinical needs
  • Compatible with the LifeGuard Safety Infusion Set

*Follow institutional protocol.

The Power of PASV

The PASV Valve Technology design automatically resists backflow, reducing blood reflux that could lead to catheter-related complications.

PASV Valve Technology is designed to:

Easily Identify Critical Information

  • Radiopaque “CT” lettering confirms if port is power injectable or flipped
  • Patient reminder band, ID card, key tag and record sticker provide added verification that the port is power injectable

Important Risk Information

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