Vascular Access
Conventional Ports


The LifePort line of ports, complemented by the Bayonet locking mechanism, offers a complete line of venous ports, including a unique 6.6 French dual low profile model. A variety of sizes and catheter materials are available, along with both pre-attached and detached options.


  • Plastic and titanium models available
  • Silicone and polyurethane catheters available
  • Bayonet locking mechanism
  • Available in single, dual, low-profile, and dual low-profile models
  • Latex free
  • Titanium: MRI conditional – 3 Tesla/Single Lumen Plastic: MRI safe


The TitanPort line offers titanium models with silicone catheters.


  • Available in single models
  • Latex free/MRI conditional – 3 Tesla


The Triumph-1 vascular port features a complete line of single and low-profile ports that provide a 100 PSI rated silicone catheter.


  • Plastic and titanium models available
  • 100 PSI rated silicone catheters
  • One-step locking mechanism
  • Available in single and low profile models
  • Full placement kit
  • Latex free
  • Titanium & Plastic: MRI conditional – 3 Tesla

Important Risk Information

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