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DuraFlow™ Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
DuraFlow™ Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter

Setting the Standard for High Performance, Strength and Value.

Count on the 15.5 French DuraFlow chronic hemodialysis catheter from AngioDynamics to deliver the performance-tough features you demand and the care your patient deserves. Engineered for durability, it combines all the attributes that are basic to the very best dialysis treatment and patient care, including high-tech material for easier care and site maintenance.

The DuraFlow catheter is made of Durathane® — an advanced composite that outperforms traditional silicone and polyurethane while offering the advantages of both. It’s exceptionally strong, biocompatible, and resistant to alcohol and iodine, for easier care and site maintenance.

High-flow dependable: In addition to being one of the most durable catheters on the market, the DuraFlow is non-position dependent. The Hydro-Tip® is specially designed to maximize flow rates — even when positioned against the vessel wall, resulting in a better dialysis treatment.


  • The Hydro-Tip design maximizes flow, even when the catheter is against the vessel wall
  • Over-the-wire insertion reduces the risk of an air embolus. while the oval holes allow for a smoother wire transition
  • The rotating wing allows flexibility to position the catheter and rotate the wing for suturing

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