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EMBOSAFE™ Valved, Splittable Sheath Dilator
EMBOSAFE™ Valved, Splittable Sheath Dilator

The First Valved, Splittable Introducer Available for Dialysis Catheters.

The EMBOSAFE valved, splittable sheath dilator, is the first valved introducer available for dialysis catheters. This valve reduces the risk of blood loss and air intake while allowing for smooth catheter insertion. EMBOSAFE requires no change in insertion technique; features a low profile sheath handle; and provides reliable peel performance. EMBOSAFE is available in sterile packages of five for 14 French, 15 French and 16 French sizes.


  • Reduces the risk of air embolus and blood loss
  • Provides smooth catheter insertion
  • Provides reliable peel performance

Important Risk Information

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