BioSentry Tract Sealant System
BioSentry Tract Sealant System

Plug. Prevent. Protect.


Until now, there have not been consistently proven and effective methods to prevent pneumothorax associated with lung biopsy.

 The BioSentry tract sealant system is the first biopsy sealant system of its kind designed specifically to address the issues of biopsy-related pneumothorax.

The BioSentry tract sealant system deploys a self-expanding hydrogel plug into the pleural space following a percutaneous lung biopsy - creating an airtight seal that closes the pleural puncture.

BioSentry Delivery Device

Depth markings provide accurate and consistent placement based on CT-guided measurements.

Depth adjustment wheel and locking mechanism ensure proper plug deployment.

Ergonomic support column provides comfort and control.

BioSentry Co-axial Adapter

Hydrogel plug is made from a synthetic tissue-friendly polymer that fully resorbs into the body.

The co-axial adapter mates with a coaxial needle to ensure a proper fit and delivery of the plug.

The BioSentry Tract Sealant System is indicated for sealing pleural punctures to significantly reduce the risk of pneumothoraces (air leaks) associated with percutaneous, transthoracic needle lung biopsies and to provide accuracy in marking a biopsy location for visualization during surgical resection.

Important Risk Information

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