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Designed for patient comfort

Alatus® was developed with the patient’s comfort in mind and to assist the physician to move healthy tissue away from the radiation treatment field. Prior to Alatus, the clinician would push gauze into the vagina to move the bladder and bowel away from the radiation treatment field. Inserting gauze into the vagina can be uncomfortable before treatment and unpleasant at the end of treatment as it tends to dry out before removing.

Studies have shown, relative to traditional gauze packing, Alatus® offers a more comfortable procedure for the patient, reduces the need for post-procedural pain medication and moves healthy tissue away from the radiation field.

Ask Your Doctor

Request the Alatus® balloon packing system for your upcoming procedure. RadiaDyne can assist locating a Physician in your area who uses the Alatus® packing system. Alatus is quickly becoming the standard of care at many facilities.

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Important Risk Information

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