Vascular Interventions & Therapies
NAMIC Fluid Delivery Systems

Multiple options are available to deliver saline and/or contrast within the system to optimize your procedure.

Available options:

  • IV and large bore tubing

  • Colored lines

  • Vented and nonvented

  • Micro and macro drip chambered spike

Product detail:

  • IV Tubing: Vented spike heads available in multiple lengths including 48, 68, 72 and 108 inches

  • IV Tubing with Drip Chamber: Macro Drip: 20 drops/mL, Micro Drip: 60 drops/mL available in multiple lengths including 48, 60, 72, 108 and 135 inches

  • Large Bore Tubing Spike Heads available in multiple lengths and styles including 1.125, 72 and 108 inches

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