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400 Micron Perforator & Accessory Vein Ablation Kit (PVAK)
400 Micron Perforator & Accessory Vein Ablation Kit (PVAK)

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AngioDynamics’ VenaCure EVLT endovenous laser vein treatment offers patients a minimally-invasive choice for treating the source of their varicose veins and provides them with a potentially quicker recovery and return to normal daily routines, as compared to surgical stripping.1

The 400 Micron Perforator and Accessory Vein Ablation Kit (PVAK) allows for simple access and accurate positioning.


• Smaller fiber aids in access and positioning for deep and saphenous veins.

• 21G venous access needle ensures easy, atraumatic access.

• .018” guidewire navigates small, tortuous veins with a floppy tip and has a firm anchor to guide the sheath and hold it in place.

1. Brittenden, J., et al. (2015, April). Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of foam sclerotherapy, endovenus laser ablation and surgery for varicose veins: Results from the Comparison of Laser, Surgery and foam Sclerotherapy (CLASS) randomised controlled trial. Health Technology Assessment, 19(27).

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