StarBurst® MRI RFA Device
StarBurst® MRI RFA Device

The StarBurst MRI RFA electrode is designed to enhance our family of disposable electrosurgical devices. This innovative adaptation of the StarBurst XL RFA electrode is compatible for use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) during device placement. This compatibility relates to magnetic field translational attraction, torque, RF heating, induced currents, and limited artifacts. Like the StarBurst XL RFA electrode, it is capable of creating spherical ablations in soft tissue from 3-5 cm in diameter. This member of the StarBurst XL RFA electrode family makes it possible to use RFA safely and effectively in an MRI environment. 


  • Compatible with MRI use
  • A single device with the capability to produce scalable, spherical ablations (3-5 cm)
  • Patented expandable, multi-array space filling configuration†
  • Predictable, repeatable ablations††
  • Multi-point temperature feedback with dynamic, real-time readouts
  • Small minimally invasive incision with no soft tissue introducer required
  • Beveled surgical tip for easier penetration of hard tumors


  • Nine arrays plus active trocar tip
  • Five thermocouples

Important Risk Information

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