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Introducing the New VenaCure® 1470 Laser

NeverTouchAngioDynamics' VenaCure EVLT endovenous laser vein treatment offers a proven, minimally-invasive choice for treating the source of varicose veins, providing patients with immediate recovery and a return to normal daily routines. The VenaCure EVLT system includes the new Venacure 1470nm laser and the Delta 810nm laser, a choice of procedure kits, procedure accessories, marketing materials and support, and more.

The new NeverTouch® gold-tip laser fiber, an integral part of AngioDynamics’ advanced varicose vein treatment, establishes a new standard for patient comfort, visibility and ease of use. The innovation behind the NeverTouch tip is a glass weld at the distal tip of a 600 um fiber. This weld results in an effective fiber diameter of 905 ums and lowers the actual power density by 56 percent from that of a standard bare-tip 600 um fiber. The net effect is a homogeneous ablation with less focal charring of the vein wall than that which is seen with bare-tip fibers. AngioDynamics' patent- pending technology is different from competitors with standard covered-tip fibers that have the same power density as a 600 um fiber.

The proprietary technology maximizes tip visibility under ultrasound and eliminates chances of inadvertent fiber tip contact with the vein wall, further improving safety and patient comfort.

The NeverTouch® procedure kit is now available in 25 cm, 45 cm, 65 cm and 90 cm, and also is available with an .018” access system, which eliminates the need for a 5F micro-access sheath and eliminates the need to exchange wires and size up, resulting in fewer procedure steps, and a faster procedure time.
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