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Clinical Studies & Research

for innovative solutions that improve patient care

At AngioDynamics, we are passionate about advancing innovation to deliver better treatment options. Our research demonstrates the value our products offer, and furthermore, inspires the progress of future therapies and procedures to improve patient care.

AngioDynamics Partnerships in Clinical Trial Engagements (PCTE) Initiative

AngioDynamics introduces a new grant opportunity that encourages clinical trial sites to build partnerships within underserved communities to increase patient participation. Learn more about our PCTE Initiative.


Endovascular Therapies

iDissect Below The Knee

Acute procedural and long-term outcomes after Below The Knee intervention with the Auryon Laser: Intravascular Ultrasound Findings


Karolinska Institutet Prostate Cancer IRE Study

A randomized controlled trial comparing focal treatment with Irreversible Electroporation to radical treatment in localized prostate cancer