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  • Radiopaque markers show consistent placement across the entire sizing pattern, within +/-1 mm accuracy
  • Strategically positioned first marker enables placement of catheter tip right above the renal artery level with the marker at the top of the renal artery, limiting filling of superior mesenteric artery with contrast when mapping the aorta and bifurcation branches, and reducing the overall volume of contrast used per procedure
  • Accu-Vu Omni™ Flush sizing catheter provides a more concentrated contrast bolus using less contrast without reflux
  • First-of-its-kind catheter on the market with an enhanced, soft radiopaque tip
  • A softer, less traumatic tip with just the right degree of rigidity provides safer, faster navigation to the target anatomical site
  • A broad selection of both 4 French and 5 French catheters, representing a full range of segment sizing, assures the right match for virtually every anatomical and procedural measurement need
Accu-Vu® Sizing Catheters

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John Neet, a Stage III pancreatic cancer patient, shares the story about his fight.