Introducing the Next Generation of Peripheral Atherectomy Technology

Engineered with your practice and your patients in mind, The Auryon System is designed with industry-leading technology and features that allow you to treat any lesion you encounter, all with a single device built to streamline how you handle PAD.

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Treat all levels of calcification1-3

  • Indicated for in-stent restenosis*
  • Treats infrainguinal lesions both above and below the knee (including below the ankle)
  • Built-in off-centering mechanism for eccentric lesions in largest catheter

*Only the 2.0 and 2.35-mm catheters are indicated for ISR.


Protective of the vessel wall3-5

  • Performs targeted biological reactions to address risk of perforations
  • Nonreactive to contrast media for simultaneous ablation and observation of fluoroscopy image
  • Includes built-in aspiration to address risk of embolization*

*Built-in aspiration available only with the 2.0 and 2.35-mm catheters.


Designed for your lab1-3, 6

  • Designed to be portable, uses a 110V outlet, has a touch screen, and emits low acoustic noise
  • Has the potential to debulk in fewer passages
  • Small footprint, easy installation, and storage

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the auryon device

Patients Are The Focus

Bryanna’s Story

“We got our grandpa back…”

Bryanna, an AngioDynamics employee, talks about her grandpa’s experience with Peripheral Arterial Disease and treatment with the Auryon System.