Introducing the Next Generation of Peripheral Atherectomy Technology

Engineered with your practice and your patients in mind, The Auryon System is designed with industry-leading technology and features that allow you to treat any lesion you encounter, all with a single device built to streamline how you handle PAD.

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Treat all levels of calcification1-3

  • Indicated for in-stent restenosis*
  • Treats infrainguinal lesions both above and below the knee (including below the ankle)
  • Built-in off-centering mechanism for eccentric lesions in largest catheter

*Only the 2.0 and 2.35-mm catheters are indicated for ISR.


Protective of the vessel wall3-5

  • Performs targeted biological reactions to address risk of perforations
  • Nonreactive to contrast media for simultaneous ablation and observation of fluoroscopy image
  • Includes built-in aspiration to address risk of embolization*

*Built-in aspiration available only with the 2.0 and 2.35-mm catheters.


Designed for your lab1-3, 6

  • Designed to be portable, uses a 110V outlet, has a touch screen, and emits low acoustic noise
  • Has the potential to debulk in fewer passages
  • Small footprint, easy installation, and storage

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the auryon device

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