Making a Material Difference.

The BioFlo PICC is the first PICC of its kind with Endexo Technology, providing a catheter more resistant to the accumulation of blood components (platelets and thrombus).

  • The BioFlo PICC is the only PICC manufactured with Endexo Technology, a permanent and non-eluting integral polymer.
  • In-vitro blood loop model test results show that on average, the BioFlo PICC with Endexo Technology has 87% less thrombus accumulation on its surface compared to commonly used PICCs based on platelet count.
  • Endexo Technology has been shown to be effective in reducing thrombus accumulation. The reduction in thrombus accumulation was evaluated using in-vitro and in-vivo models. Pre-clinical in-vitro and in-vivo evaluations do not necessarily predict clinical performance with respect to thrombus formation.
  • The BioFlo PICC is available with PASV Valve Technology, making it the first catheter that combines the reduced thrombus accumulation benefit with our patented valve designed to automatically resist backflow and reduce blood reflux on the inside of the catheter. The BioFlo PICC is also available in non-valved configurations.

† Based on benchtop test results which may not be indicative of clinical results. Data on file.

Endexo Technology


Endexo Technology is a proprietary polymer that is present throughout the catheter shaft material and remains present for the life of the catheter, providing long-term durability.††

BioFlo Technology is not a coating or impregnated into the catheter. Instead, the Endexo technology polymer is added directly to the base polyurethane during the manufacturing process. Endexo technology is present throughout the catheter material, including the outer surface, inner surface and even the cut catheter tip.

BioFlo Technology does not contain agents that may be associated with bacterial resistance, including antibiotics or antimicrobials. In addition, this catheter does not contain heparin, which may help minimize the complications associated with heparin use.

†† Technical data on file.

PASV Valve Technology


PASV stands for Pressure Activated Safety Valve which is proprietary to AngioDynamics. The PASV Valve is a direction-specific valve located in the proximal hub of the catheter, outside of the patient and the bloodstream. It is designed to reduce blood reflux into the catheter lumen that could lead to catheter-related complications and has over 10 years of clinical experience.

The PASV Valve product does not have clamps or require a specific needleless connector. The PASV Valve may be maintained with a minimum weekly saline flush.†††

††† Clinicians are instructed to follow institutional protocols concerning PICC maintenance. Heparin may be used based on the physician’s clinical assessment of patient needs or per institutional protocols.

BioFlo PICC with Endexo and PASV Valve Technology


Large Lumen Diameters

  • Power injectable catheter designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures
  • Developed to minimize risk of catheter occlusion
  • Designed for easy blood withdrawal

Simplified Care and Maintenance

  • Minimum weekly saline flush recommended on valved catheters
  • Clampless extension legs on valved catheters
  • Freedom to choose your preferred needleless connector

Ease of Placement

  • Variety of kit configurations
  • Exact-Length Measurement System
  • Trimmable catheter tip
  • Radiopaque
  • Short reverse taper extrusion

Flow Rates

  • Maximum flow rates range from 1 mL/sec to 6 mL/sec, based on catheter size and configuration. Refer to product labeling for more detailed information.

Value Added Programs and Services


Improve clinician efficiency, productivity and cost savings with our Convenience Kit Program. Our comprehensive Program provides clinicians with solutions to streamline PICC placement procedures, eliminate the cost of unnecessary supplies and meet department budget guidelines. In addition, clinicians are able to choose from our broad portfolio of PICCs for a variety of placement settings, insertions techniques and clinical applications.


AngioDynamics retains a highly credentialed team of clinical specialists committed to providing educational support and training. In addition, a wide range of continuing education programs and support materials are available to you, including wall charts and patient education materials, all designed to reinforce best practices for catheter insertion, care and maintenance.

Endexo is a trademark of Interface Biologics.

*This product has a CE mark.

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