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We are proud to introduce you to the next generation of ECG PICC placement with the C3 Wave* System. The C3 Wave System is an easy-to-use, app-based wireless ECG system designed to free up a clinician’s hands by removing excess wires and allowing more focus on patient care.

Featuring software that is advanced, yet, easy-to-use, the ECG waveform is wirelessly transmitted to a tablet which allows the operator to view and record changes to the ECG waveform as the tip of the catheter approaches the heart. As the PICC approaches the atrium of the heart, the P wave in the ECG waveform shows substantial changes. This system is designed to aid the visualization of changes in P wave amplitude.

The C3 Wave System integration offers intelligent design and functionality to meet clinician needs. The charging base not only charges the patient hub, but also allows the user to store all wireless components in one location.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and intuitive from the very beginning
  • Easily correlate catheter tip location with P wave activity
  • Seamlessly transition between extracavitary and intracavitary waveforms
  • Intraprocedural system settings enable a stable and clear waveform
  • Capture and compare multiple snapshots
  • Store everything, but print or save to EMR only what is necessary
C3 Wave product