Consistency where it counts.1

The IsoLoc Endorectal Balloon’s unique, customer-driven design is the result of collaborations with Radiation Oncologists, Therapists and Physicists with one goal in mind – to create a new standard for endorectal balloons (ERB) in the oncology space.

The design of IsoLoc not only addresses patient comfort, but also simplifies three challenging clinical scenarios that many physicians face when using radiation therapy for and/or in relation to the prostate. First, its gas-release tip removes rectal gas and reduces prostate motion for gaseous patients.2 Secondly, the structure of the ERB aids in defining the anatomy for difficult planning scenarios with post-radical patients.3 Lastly, IsoLoc repositions and lifts the bowel in patients that have a low-lying bowel.4

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ANGM 933 GL Rev 01 01/19

IsoLoc Indorectal Balloon

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