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Introducing the expansion of the SmartPort® CT family of power-injectable ports – to include low-profile and mini models for repeated treatments like chemotherapy and for use with computed tomography (CT). The tangential outlet and clear-flow technology set up efficient flushing action to hyper cleanse the entire reservoir. Each model features a light-weight design and a CT-engraved port body for better identification. These ports are clinically indicated for power-injections up to 5mL/sec and a 300 psi pressure limit setting. They are MRI-conditional—3 Tesla.

The Power of Vortex® Port Technology

Designed for extended life, Vortex port technology provides better patient outcomes, fewer complications, less nursing time and lower expenses compared to conventional ports, including a nearly 75% reduction in the occlusion rate as compared to conventional ports. The new mini and low profile models allow us to bring this technology to a larger number of patients, including those with a smaller anatomy.


Design allows fluid to reach all surfaces in the chamber, helping eliminate dead spaces, resist sludge build-up, and reduce occlusions and infections.


Set at a tangent rather than perpendicularly, it helps to create a flushing action within the port to hyper cleanse the entire chamber leading to decreased sludge build-up and a reduced rate of occlusions.1 Use of Vortex port technology results in an average savings per patient of $1,224 over conventional ports.

Power-Injectable Port Profiles


  • Blue boot strain-relief mechanism offers a secure feel and snug fit
  • Silicone-filled suture holes available for ease of explants
  • Fluoromax® 100% silicone radiopaque catheter with an atraumatic radiopaque tip – also available in polyurethane
  • Footprint (in): X: 1.045, Y: 1.053*; Height (in): 0.520; Septum Diameter (in): 0.470


  • Low-Profile 6.6F catheter reduces the risk of thrombosis
  • Large septum diameter offers greater target area
  • One-step locking mechanism means fast, simple and secure procedures
  • Silicone-filled suture holes prevent tissue ingrowth
  • Carbothane® catheter offers balance between softness and strength coupled with good chemical resistance
  • Footprint (in): X: 0.890, Y: 0.879*; Height (in): 0.450; Septum Diameter (in): 0.402


  • Smallest profile power-injectable port currently on the market
  • Low-profile design ideal for chest or peripheral placement
  • Largest septum diameter of any power-injectable peripheral port currently on the market
  • One-step locking mechanism means fast, simple and secure procedures
  • Carbothane® catheter offers balance between softness and strength coupled with good chemical resistance
  • Footprint (in): X: 0.680, Y: 0.940*; Height (in): 0.424; Septum Diameter (in): 0.402

Identifying a SmartPort Power-Injectable Port

SmartPort® power-injectable ports can be identified by the Smart Angle® identifier technology on the CT and CT Low-Profile power-injectable port models. The CT engraving on all models can be seen through chest X-ray or scout scan.

Features and Benefits

  • Vortex Reservoir Technology – Helps prevent sludge build-up and reduces occlusions and infections
  • Indicated for Power-Injections – The ability to perform power-injections of contrast media for the purpose of CT imaging
  • Superior CT Identification – All SmartPort CT models include identification on the bottom of the port for visualization under X-ray or scout scan
  • More choices for patients, physicians and clinicians – Varying catheter materials and sizes, placement options and port body styles.
Smart Port® CT ports

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