StarBurst® Talon RFA Device

The StarBurst Talon RFA electrode offers clinicians 4 cm ablations in a side-deployment device specifically designed for applications in lesions that may be mobile in soft tissue or adjacent to critical structures. The StarBurst Talon RFA electrode can be used in laparoscopic, percutaneous and intraoperative procedures. It is part of the RITA® infusion system family of products which uses the IntelliFlow Pump to deliver precise amounts of normal saline to the ablation zone. The saline infusion technology allows the Talon RFA electrode to quickly create 4 cm ablations in an average of 11 minutes.

StarBurst Talon Semi-Flex RFA Device

The StarBurst Talon Semi-Flex RFA electrode is a versatile device that features both rigid (metal) and flexible (polymer) trocar sections. The device offers all the benefits of the StarBurst Talon RFA electrode, but also has the ability to bend up to 90 degrees in all directions allowing for easy entry into the CT gantry. The active tip is also visible under CT imaging for precise placement.


  • Fast 4 cm spherical ablation in an average of 11 minutes using Innovative Infusion-Based RFA which overcomes the limitations of traditional dry electrodes
  • Surgically tapered cutting tip to penetrate and anchor soft tissue tumors
  • Single device placement for surface or difficult-to-reach lesions
  • Proprietary, real-time temperature feedback from all four electrode tines ensures controlled ablations and predictable outcomes


  • Side-deployment allows easier penetration of mobile tumors
  • Easy to position for both surface and difficult to reach dome lesions
  • Integrated disposable main cable and tubing allows for easy set-up
  • Solid tip allows easier penetration of hard tumors
  • Creates fast, spherical 4 cm ablations
  • Multi-point temperature feedback provides controlled ablation
  • Infusion-based system increases conductivity of ablation zone
  • Needle track ablation
  • Used for percutaneous, laparoscopic and open cases
  • Bending capacity of 90 degrees allows for easy entry into CT, without sacrificing penetration depth
StarBurst® Talon RFA Device

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