Treat varicose veins with the precision of VenaCure EVLT.


  • Streamlined form factor fits the modern practice environment—and it’s compact enough to transport between hospital and office.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls and custom treatment parameters.
  • Preset capability enables quick and easy laser adjustments to suit individual preferences in multiple-practitioner practices and treatment types.

As a water-specific laser, the VenaCure 1470 Pro laser targets water as the chromophore to absorb the laser energy. Since the vein structure is mostly water, it is theorized that the 1470 nm laser wavelength efficiently heats endothelial cells with a low risk of collateral damage, resulting in an optimal vein ablation 1.

It is designed to work exclusively with the range of AngioDynamics fibers, including the NeverTouch* fibers. Maximizing these two technologies can result in even better patient outcomes1. The 1470 nm laser allows effective vein ablation with the targeted energy of 30-50 joules/cm at a setting of 5-7 watts.

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VenaCure EVLT Machine

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