Vascular Interventions & Therapies
Exodus Drainage Catheters

Performance you expect. Options you can use.

Exodus Drainage Catheters, featuring an integrated polymer blend extrusion, offer performance you expect with more options.

Distinct features meet the specific needs of general, nephrostomy and biliary applications. The elements most important for drainage are offered across all products.

Exodus ARRAY

Multipurpose Drainage Catheter

Offers an optional embedded radiopaque polymer markerband, just proximal to the formed pigtail.

In addition to metal and polymer stiffening cannulas, this multipurpose drainage catheter comes with a trocar stylet for direct introduction into cavity.


Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter

Tight or standard pigtail loops for a precise and comfortable fit within the delicate renal pelvis.  

This catheter comes with metal and polymer stiffening cannulas.


Biliary Drainage Catheter

Offers additional drainage holes, spiraling up the catheter shaft. These holes are identified by an embedded radiopaque polymer markerband and allow for drainage from the biliary tree into the duodenum.

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