AngioDynamics is a leading provider of minimally invasive medical devices used by professional healthcare providers for vascular access, surgery, peripheral vascular disease and oncology. Led by President and CEO Jim C. Clemmer, the global company has over 1,200 employees operating at facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and currently reaches more than 50 markets via direct sales and distributors.

AngioDynamics is a company with a rich history that’s defined by its innovation and growth.

Since its founding on February 9, 1988 as a division of E-Z-EM, AngioDynamics has earned the trust of the medical community. It’s a trust built by being a committed partner with a continuous focus on the development of innovative medical devices that address unmet patient needs and a supporter of the medical community’s mission to deliver improved patient outcomes.

Benefiting from a rich history that’s deeply rooted in the heart of “Catheter Valley,” the birthplace of Phillip Morse’s Morse Manifold invention in Queensbury, New York, AngioDynamics has grown through its many phases to become an industry-leading provider of high-quality medical devices used by physicians for the treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease around the world.