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Kim Hoyt

Corporate Travel Administrator

AngioDynamics employees are among the Company’s greatest assets. Our Dynamic People spotlights the faces and impressive talent helping the organization meet its commitment to provide patients around the world with solutions that deliver high-quality care, wellness, and cures to live healthier, happier lives. Today, we’re highlighting Kim Hoyt, Corporate Travel Administrator.

Q & A

Get to know Kim Hoyt:

As the Corporate Travel Administrator, Kim supervises corporate travel for all AngioDynamics employees and customers. She oversees company Concur transactions as the Concur travel and expense administrator, as well as assisting behind the scenes with additional responsibilities.

How she got here:

Kim convinced herself she was ready to leave her 20-year career as a Travel Consultant when her best friend discovered an open position on the AngioDynamics’ Customer Service team. Several of Kim’s friends work with AngioDynamics and had nothing but good things to say, so she applied. She got the job, and after three months in the role, they created her current administrator position. She could not be happier with her decision to join the AngioDynamics family 16 years ago.

What she’s saying:

“I truly enjoy assisting Angio employees and customers daily. It is so gratifying knowing I have helped make someone’s day easier while simultaneously saving the company money.”

What she’s working on:

As she often wears many hats on the Finance team, Kim keeps busy with travel arrangements for our employees and healthcare partners to attend one of the company’s many training courses offered by the AngioDynamics Medical Education team.

What she’s reading/watching:

Kim is reading The Emotion Code and a few books on the Mediterranean Diet. She recognizes the world has become a bit hectic, so she’s looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, emotionally and physically.

What she does in her free time:

Kim enjoys hanging out with family and friends to relax and be silly. She believes we spend too much time being serious, so it is essential to have a good laugh, and her friends never disappoint for a good time. She considers it a blessing to have her supportive group of friends and family join her on this awesome journey.

Kim Hoyt and friends at Dolphin Discovery

One of Kim’s favorite sayings:

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

— C.S. Lewis

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