AngioDynamics Develops Exciting New Partnerships With Addlife in the UK, Ireland, and Nordics Markets

AngioDynamics is delighted to announce several new partnerships with AddLife in the UK, Ireland & Nordics markets. The new distribution arrangements will see Healthcare 21 distribute AngioDynamics’ oncology and surgical product portfolio in the UK and Ireland, and Mediplast in the Nordics.

Healthcare 21, part of the AddLife Group, partners with some of the world’s leading healthcare brands and offers detailed local market insight, clinical expertise and well-resourced sales, marketing, operations, and technical services across the UK and Irish healthcare markets. Healthcare 21’s investment in education through the HC21 Academy programme of training events, supports the development of strong clinical relationships in the field.

Nathan Pettitt, Healthcare 21 Chief Executive Officer, said “The partnership of AngioDynamics and HC21 represents an incredible opportunity for both our organisations. AngioDynamics has been designing and manufacturing high quality instrumentation since 1988 and is recognised as a leader in its field. We are excited to enhance accessibility of the AngioDynamics product portfolio in the UK. The experience and talent of the people in both organisations will ensure significant growth and success for all involved. We are excited to be AngioDynamics strategic partner and look forward to achieving our growth potential together.”

Cathal O’ Herlihy, General Manager, Healthcare 21 Ireland, also expressed his excitement and said: “We are truly excited to launch and build an exciting new partnership with AngioDynamics across the Irish market. AngioDynamics’ innovative technologies are a great addition and we look forward to collaborating with clinicians to enhance patient outcomes”.

Mediplast, also part of the AddLife Group, has a sixty-year history as a partner to healthcare providers. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the years, which continue to earn the trust of their healthcare clients and partners.

Johan Bongstorp, Mediplast CEO, said “We are very excited about the new partnership between Mediplast and AngioDynamics. We are convinced that this collaboration will bring us great opportunities as AngioDynamics is a fantastic strategic fit for our company.”

Laura Piccinini, AngioDynamics Senior Vice President/General Manager – International, mirrors the comments from Nathan Pettitt and Johan Bongstorp, saying, “I am ecstatic about the partnership agreements between AngioDynamics and the AddLife companies. It enables greater patient access to our oncology and surgical portfolio in the UK, Ireland & The Nordics and creates the opportunity to strengthen clinician support programmes in the field. Our company goals and culture are aligned to create a partnership to enhance AngioDynamics’ contribution to the healthcare sector and allow clinicians to treat patients with confidence.”

All companies involved are thrilled to commence this new partnership, working collaboratively to achieve ambitious growth goals and improving patient healthcare outcomes.

AngioDynamics and AddLife partnership