Model 1500X RF Generator

The 1500X Electrosurgical Radiofrequency Generator supplies radiofrequency (RF) energy for the partial or complete coagulation and ablation of soft tissue. The 1500X is specifically designed to be compatible with the full family of AngioDynamics RFA based electrodes. The innovative electrosurgical devices can be utilized in percutaneous, open or laparoscopic surgical procedures.


  • Generator is equipped with computer driven protocols that automatically adjust wattage to maintain optimal temperatures during the ablation
  • Temperature monitoring is in real time, which gives immediate visibility of the ablation zone and repeatable, reliable procedure endpoints
  • 250W of power combined with the IntelliFlow saline infusion pump allows faster and larger ablations
  • Immediately recognizes the fullfamily of AngioDynamics electrosurgical devices as they are plugged in and automatically sets the system topre-loaded soft tissue protocols
  • Remote foot pedal available for hands-free device activation
  • “Smart Card” Technology means that upgrades can be accomplished with little or no additional capital expense

IntelliFlow Pump

The IntelliFlow peristaltic infusion pump is used in conjunction with the 1500X radiofrequency generator for the coagulation and ablation of soft tissue. The IntelliFlow offers the ultimate in ease of use, while delivering infused saline with automated precision. The IntelliFlow pump is specifically designed to be used with all infusion based StarBurst®electrosurgical devices.


  • Automated communication with1500X generator
  • Integrated IV pole
  • No battery to recharge
  • No additional settings required
  • Easy loading & securing of tubing sets
  • Storage drawer for accessories
  • Tubing sets are sterile and pre-attached to StarBurst® family of infusion devices
  • Occlusion bed offers easy device set up
Model 1500X RF Generator

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