Best-in-class procedural support catheter for maximum performance in complex interventional coronary and peripheral applications.

Optimal tip design

Shortest Tip of Any Available Support Catheter

  • 1.25 mm tip length and large RO marker improve critical placement and visualization
  • Embedded distal marker provides smooth outer transition from guidewire to catheter
  • Low-profile tip and tight tolerance transition to guidewire may improve lesion crossing

Highly visible radiopaque markers

Optimal placement, visualization, and measurement with:

  • 3 markers on distal end
  • 15 mm spacing on .014” and .018” models
  • 50 mm spacing on .035” models

Next generation hydrophilic coating

Proprietary formula for optimal trackability

Extended coating lengths twice those of the Philips and Medtronic Catheters1 may provide the advantage of decreased friction in procedures involving increased distal navigation

40 cm on 65 cm and 90 cm models
80 cm on 135 cm, 150 cm, and 180 cm models

References: 1. Data on File

Extensive size matrix

  • 15 models for the widest range of peripheral and coronary interventions of any procedural support catheter
  • 5 lengths to accommodate specific patient anatomy and access points:

65 cm, 90 cm, 135 cm, 150 cm and the class-exclusive 180 cm
Only Support Catheter Available in 180 cm Length

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