Expanding the Boundaries of Ablation

The NanoKnife 3.0 System is expanding the boundaries of modern-day ablation. Its unique Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) technology does not rely on heat to achieve cell death. It uses a more natural method that destroys only targeted tissue, sparing critical structures including vessels, nerves and ducts.1234

With the NanoKnife 3.0 System comes an enhanced user experience– streamlining procedure set up and delivering real-time visual feedback.

About the IRE Technology Behind the NanoKnife System

Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a technique using a non-thermal energy to create permanent nanopores in the cell membrane to disrupt cellular homeostasis. The disruption of cellular homeostasis initiates an apoptotic-like effect which leads to permanent cell death. After delivering a sufficient number of high voltage pulses, the cells within the electrical field will be irreversibly damaged.5

The DIRECT Study for Stage III Pancreatic Cancer

The DIRECT study, sponsored by AngioDynamics, Inc., is an FDA-approved clinical study that is evaluating the effectiveness of IRE technology for the treatment of stage III pancreatic cancer. To learn more about the study and participating doctors, visit AngioDirect.com


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NanoKnife 3.0 System

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Patients Are The Focus

John’s Story

I had my career, my family, my wife, and my daughter…

John Neet, a Stage III pancreatic cancer patient, shares the story about his fight.