CT Catheters

The Pro-PICC CT Catheter reduces patient trauma and risks associated with secondary venous access by allowing for the combination of CT Power Injection capabilities and infusion therapy. Flow rates are easily identifiable on the ID tags, which also provide strength and durability for repeated use.

CT, Valved Catheters

The Pro-PICC Valved Catheter can be used for power injection of contrast media and central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring. The catheter’s bi-directional valve allows for ease of aspiration.

Non-CT Catheters

Vascu-PICC and Vascu-PICC TL catheters provide a range of options to meet the unique needs of your patients. Vascu-PICC offers a tapered design that may help reduce bleeding at the insertion site, while Vascu-PICC TL features a taperless lumen, ideal for smaller vasculature.

Vascu-PICC TLS Pediatric

Designed to provide exceptional treatment for your smallest patients, Vascu-PICC TLS features dual and single lumen configurations, a polyurethane body, and high flow rates in a small French size. Since smaller veins require greater precision, it makes sense to offer you more choices in PICC sizes.

VascuPICC 2.6F TLS product image

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