OARtrac® Dose Monitoring System
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OARtrac® Dose Monitoring System

Real-Time Dose Data for Adaptive Radiotherapy.

Real-Time Patient Dose Monitoring System

OARtrac® provides gold standard accuracy, real-time pinpoint measurement, and dedicated intracavitary delivery devices to measure physical dose during radiation treatment.

The system provides critical dose feedback which helps facilitate adaptive radiotherapy with the goal to reduce side effects and better clinical outcomes.

Transformation in Dosimetry Monitoring

After eight years and millions of dollars invested in research and development, OARtrac® is the first of its kind radiation dose monitoring platform providing gold standard accuracy without correction factors, real-time pinpoint measurement, and dedicated intracavitary delivery devices to measure where it counts. OARtrac® monitors multiple cancer treatment modalities within the same treatment center, as well as reduces overall treatment costs related to routine patient dose monitoring through a reusable dosimeter.

Real-Time In-Vivo Monitoring

The OARtrac® system provides real-time dose data physically delivered during many cancer treatments, thus allowing your treating Physician to know the delivered dose. This dose information obtained during the treatment is then used to compare with the planned dose your Radiation Oncologists expect to provide you during the planning process. The OARtrac® System itself does not stop the radiation treatment, or change the radiation delivery, but only provides dose data which your trained Radiation Oncologist can decipher and use to adjust a patient’s treatment plan accordingly for a personalized radiation treatment.

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